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Long season catches up with Knights

Coach Nathan Brown and captain Jamie Buhrer spoke to the media following the Round 25 loss to the Canberra Raiders at GIO Stadium.

"It's been a long year for a lot of our players," Brown said after the game. 

"We got beaten up pretty badly last week and we've been up for a long time.

"Apart from the Tigers game, the players have put a lot into a lot of games and we put a lot into last week's game but in the last 20 minutes or so the Storm gave it to us. 

"Today we looked like a side that had come to the end of a fairly long campaign.

"Like a lot of sides we've got a lot of blokes wounded now and a lot of blokes playing wounded and a lot of young blokes who probably need to go into the paddock, and that's how I thought we looked.

"We looked tired and we didn't really look quite there. 

"We had some blokes who were really good and then we had blokes at the other end of the scale who were really poor; not to the standard of first grade that you need.

"I thought we got what we pretty much deserved."

The Knights remained in the match after an early second half try to Daniel Saifiti cut the lead to 10 points, but the Raiders responded with three more tries.

"I was comfortable at half-time that we could score the points because I thought we showed that in the first half when we did have some ball," Brown added. 

"Our defence and our ability in some areas was always going to be the big challenge, and when we did get back into the contest, pretty much straightaway they got down there and we leaked a try reasonably quickly and that was pretty much the night for us."

The Knights host the Cronulla Sharks in the final match of the season next Sunday, which is the Club's Old Boys Day.